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marine life

2019 tidal pools, slideshow
2018 oysters 
2016 fish
2015 salt flats

2013 tidal pools
2011 oysters

Music by Jesse van Son, for Susan’s tidal pool series 2019

 Barns Ness, Scotland

2019 tidal pools
inspiration & susan’s photography 

The sea and especially the phenomenon of high tide and low tide, have fascinated many poets and writers in the past, varying from Sophocles on the Aegean to Matthew Arnold on Dover Beach.  There is one particular aspect connected with ebb and flow that has fascinated myself and has become a source of inspiration for my art of ink painting in the past few years: the outgoing tide leaves wonderful small pools, full of lively creatures and colours, on the beaches, which disappear altogether again as soon as the tide comes in. This exciting phenomenon reminds me of our own lives and relatively short existence on earth; it inspires me to fully enjoy all the wonderful and colourful aspects that life may have in store for us while it lasts.